15 februari - milkshake

Hey Kajsa's followers, Sarah and Lyndsay here. We are writing on behalf of Kajsa today and we are just writing a short blog post about our day's activities. To begin the day kajsa picked us up in her car and we travelled to Napier to try some famous milkshakes. Kajsa got a s'mores flavoured one, Lyndsay got a chocolate one and Sarah had a cookies and cream one. Kajsa's shake arrived first and lyndsay and Sarah's shakes were being carried out together but the waitress dropped Sarah's milkshake on the way over to our table so we had to wait for a new milkshake to be made. We will post a photo of the milkshakes below, they were very nice but quite sickly. After our milkshakes we went for a walk along the beach where we went on a pier and got some tourists to take some photos of us. After that, we came back to Hastings where we went to buy some snacks and movies to watch tonight. After we had finished in town, we drove out to Lyndsay's farm. When we got here we went out to the garden to pick some vegetables for dinner and collect the eggs that the chickens had laid. We then decided to play scategories as we used to always play this game when we were at school. We played two games and Sarah won both of the games. We also played darts and kajsa shot a gun for the first time. To fill in the rest of our night we are going to watch some movies and do some challenges. We will post photos of these challenges tomorrow. 
We will write again soon 

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