29 maj - update

Lyndsay and Sarah updating..

Just thought we would let you guys know that Kajsa went to the healing session on Wednesday night and has potentially been healed. Unfortunately we are unable to know for certain as she cannot feel a difference. 
Moving on from this, tomorrow is Lyndsay's 17th birthday, finally and she recieved a lovely worded card from Kajsa and Sarah which she appreciated very much.
Today at lunchtime Kajsa and Sarah held a sausage sizzle along with the rest of their football team. This is where we cook sausages for the school and sell them for $1 in order to raise money for our tournament at the end of the season. Kajsa can't attend this tournament which is so so sad as the tournament is at the end of August and she leaves New Zealand in July. 
Have a good day Swedes, and if you liked our post, we will be back soon and if you didn't don't worry, you will be sure to like our next one. 
Love from Lyndsay and Sarah xxxxx
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#1 - - Lyndsay:

Tack så mycket för kortet , det var vackert , jag älskar alla Justin Bieber citationstecken , ni förlorare . Skriker också ut till dig Sarah för korv till lunch , du da bäst . Och tack för den söta delade morgonen te ,

Älskar dig x